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The Chief Clarence L. Cash Jr. Firefighter Foundation Awards

The CCLCJR Firefighter Foundation Awards recognize outstanding achievements of Shelby County firefighters and 911 dispatchers. The Veteran Firefighter Award is presented to a firefighter who has provided exemplary service to their community. The 911-Dispatcher Award is presented to a dispatcher for their outstanding work in helping to keep the community safe.


By recognizing these heroes, we hope to honor their dedication and commitment to their profession. We encourage all eligible individuals to apply for these awards.

Application Deadline: June 30, 2023

Veteran Firefighter Award Eligibility Requirements

-Shelby County Firefighter

-At least 4 years of service as a firefighter

911-Dispatcher Award Eligibility Requirements

-Employed with the Shelby County Fire Department (TN)

The selected recipients will be presented with the awards at our One Year Anniversary and Award Ceremony, August 5, 2023. Details will be provided.

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