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Clarence "Tre" Cash III


"My service on the board of directors for the Chief Clarence L. Cash Jr Scholarship Fund is to honor my father’s legacy in the Shelby County Fire Service. I hope to inspire youths to become a catalyst for change in their community by promoting my father’s commitment to success through education which he believed is the key to being prepared to seize an opportunity."

Clarence Lee Cash III began his career at UPS in 2001 in the Hub. His love for the Transportation and Service Industry inspired him to seek the training needed to become a driver which he realized in 2009. He worked tireless during the pandemic to assist the country in moving products to meet the communities need.

Clarence Lee Cash III attended the University of Memphis where he majored in Recording Technology and Marketing. In his leisure time, he enjoys working out, playing basketball, horseshoes, video games, watching football especially the San Francisco 49ers and creating and developing music and recording techniques with an aspiration to become a producer.

Clarence "Tre" Cash III
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